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Do you really know just how powerful you are?

I have witnessed many miracles in my healing rooms. Someone spontaneously healing, although having been given a diagnosis of death. Another breaking free from the bonds and beliefs from childhood and growing to become greater than he believed himself possible. The list of miracles is endless. Unfortunately, so too is the list of 'failures'.

Mostly, the failures are merely 'miracles in disguise'. But, our beliefs in human frailties and unworthiness often blindfold us to this situation. I have been keeping a low profile for the last six months. I could feel a need to go deeper within, to explore even more and to question my work and ideals.

This journey has been illuminating and I would like to pass on what it is I have learnt so far.....

Everything I have learnt and applied has added value to the tapestry of my life. Not one incident has not brought with it a nugget of value, no matter how low I felt my life to be at that point in time.

The biggest and boldest lesson that I have learnt is that I have managed to box myself in, thereby limiting all that I can possibly become. By labelling myself, i.e. Intuitive Energy Healer, I had unwitttingly closed off many doors leading to other exciting innovations of what I might be or become.

Because of this, I have decided that I am Helen Randal-Smith - ENIGMA!! This opens and paves the way to new and exciting, (sometimes terrifying) experiences.

I urge you to relook at your lives and to see where you have done the same. Climb out of the boxes that trap us and keep us seperated and compartmentalised. Know that you are truly far more powerful than that. By reconnecting with your truth and accepting that you play a part in creating every moment of your life, you will feel yourself grow in the most glorious way.

I wish this for all of you on your journeys of self-realization.

With love


 May 12 at 7:57am

Hi Helen

Just wanted to let you
know what has
happened since
the Reconnection.

I went to Cape Town
soon after the Reconnection.
On my flight back something
strange happened.
I dozed off feeling
extremely happy
and everything
around me was really
bright. It was about
ten minutes that
I dozed.  When I awoke
everything was totally empty.
It was quite scary.
That lasted well over
the Festive season,
but being very busy with
lots of visitors and Alexe's
move, I had no time for myself.

Then in February,
I went to my Reiki
Mater for a treatment,
just a Reiki Booster.
And out of the Blue
she said she heard
that I did beading,
and I must bring her
some of the things
I have made.
Well, at the moment
I cannot keep up
making semi-
precious jewelery
with sterling silver.

 One day while
sitting beading and
sort of daydreaming,
I got a very clear
message from the
Angels to make
Angel beads,
exactly how many
beads, and how
they had to look.
I made one and
showed my Reiki
Master. She was
totally wowed and
 Well! they go like
hot cakes.

Thank you again
for the treatment.
I love what I am doing.
I often get messages
from the Angels and
I am very connected
to them now and
feel great with what
I am doing.

Lots of Angel Hugs


26 May 2010

Hi Helen,

I am so grateful
to cross your
pathway and
especially for
the beautiful
session that we
had today. 
Thank you for
the enlightenment.

You have brought
positive energy
and guidance for
my next step.
I am not sure
what the future
will be, but I
am certainly
ready for it
to begin and
to embrace it
closely to
people who share
the same consciousness
and to those that are
still waiting to be
awakened; this is one
of the enlightenments
that you have taught
me today.


Love Rosa



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