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ImageMany people believe that Animal Communication is either a rare gift or very “woo-woo” and too far out there. These people couldn’t be further from the truth.

Animal Communication is accessing information from the animal’s energy field, just as much as a medical intuitive is able to access information from a client’s energy field. In fact, often it is much easier to access this type of information than the information gleaned from a client. Animals and children are far more open and thus easily accessible.

If you could get your head around the fact that where there is energy there is information, then you would realise that you could in effect even glean information from the chair that you are sitting on. This is also known as Psychometrics, (gaining information by holding or touching an object).

The key to understanding animal communication is that animals think in pictures. Actually, we also think in pictures, but our thought processes are so quick that we do not realise this. When I am communicating with an animal, it will give me information in picture form. For example, I once worked on two cats. The one was a stray and decided to adopt this person and her cat. The stray literally bullied the other cat. I connected with the stray and gleaned the information that it enjoyed annoying the other cat, because the reaction was so great. (Reminds you of siblings?) I then connected with the other cat and once that cat had finished venting, I suggested that however hard it may seem, to completely ignore the stray when it started up and this would heal the situation. The other cat agreed. The owner was amazed. She saw the stray try and provoke her cat, which ignored it by turning her back on the stray. The stray cottoned on immediately that this game had lost its appeal and since then, they have been great mates. The key to all this, is that I ensured that I was transmitting this information to the cats in picture form. I pictured the one cat ignoring the other.

Of course, I also utilize my healing abilities when working with animals. The exciting thing is that one does not have to be physically present with the animal to communicate with and help heal. I often work from home and there are many animals that I have successfully worked with that I have never met physically.

At the moment, I am busy with a project concerning the aggressive behaviour of the monkeys at the Ezemvelo game reserve. It has taken a little while, but perseverance seems to be paying off. The last e-mail that I have received is that the monkeys are calming down. This is a great relief, as the other alternative would be to shoot the troop leaders, and as usual, man is responsible for the aggressive behaviour. We do silly things like feed the monkeys because we think they are so cute. Monkeys are incredibly bright and like us, will do the minimum to gain the maximum. Why bother forage for food when it is handed to you? Then, when it becomes too much, we use a heavy hand.

I encourage everyone to learn to understand and communicate with your animals. In this way, we will create a better and gentler world for those who are dependent on man for their very existence. If you have any doubts, please feel free to check out the Testimonial section. If you are interested in attending one of my Animal Communication and Healing Courses, please see the schedule. All the information is there for you.

I am also lecturing on Intuitive Animal Communication on Wednesday 19 November 2008 at the Colleen-Joy Company. Contact details: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This is a lovely way to start with your communication.

With love - Helen

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