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I first read about The Reconnection and Dr Eric Pearl in an article in the May ‘08 edition of the Odyssey magazine. I also recall reading a testimonial in the same article which really piqued my interest and inspired me at that very moment to try the “Reconnection” firsthand. My opportunity arose shortly afterwards when I discovered purely in passing that Helen was soon to be a registered Reconnection Practitioner and I promptly requested an appointment!  Well! What an amazing and unique experience, certainly unlike anything else I’ve encountered in my time.

 Day 1: Session 1I arrived at this session feeling a little under the weather, dosed to the hilt with vitamin C tabs in an attempt to fend off the flu bugs which had been threatening since a day or two earlier! During this session I recall my hands getting exceptionally cold, seeing the most wonderful vivid colours as well as an assortment of weird and wonderful images, and also getting the sense strangely enough, of cats/people watching me! Go figure! But most unusual and notable about the experience, was a tingling sensation which started very gently on the one side of my back, and eventually encompassed my entire torso “shaking my body” with what felt like 3 or 4 powerful electric volts! Really extraordinary! I also remember feeling immense disappointment when Helen patted me on the shoulder to say our session had come to an end. Despite my flu, I left with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Later that day, I reacted to the healing with a slight case of diarrhea, 30 minutes or so of particularly tingly hands and a dip in my mood. I went to bed relatively early and the vivid dreams hit with a vengeance.  Day 2: Session 2I woke up feeling much more invigorated than the previous morning and arrived for my session with much enthusiasm which amusingly so, was actually to my detriment…I battled terribly for the first half of my session to quiet the incessant inner dialogue, relax and just absorb the experience like I had in the first session. I was still blessed with a kaleidoscope of very loud colours and interesting shapes but found myself longing for the experience I’d had the day before! And then I remembered something I’d read about Dr Pearl who said something along the lines of “have a sense of expectancy about you during the session and be willing to embrace the change…” As trite as that sounds, I’m delighted to say that this little phrase did the trick and the experience of the first day began all over again but on a far greater scale: - The energy pulsating through my body was so extreme that I felt as if my back was arched on the healing bed with my fingers splayed in a very awkward fashion. In fact my words to Helen after the healing were: “I feel like you’ve plugged me into an electrical socket”. The final thought and emotion filtering through my mind and body at the end of the session was “Nothing really matters – just give it up, it’s not important”. On a physical note, what we found most interesting immediately after the healing was the fact that my eyes were completely bloodshot, that my teeth were chattering from the cold despite the sunny day outside, and that I’d seen shapes in my healing session that Helen had very consciously been working with.  On the whole this was a truly memorable once in a lifetime experience which personally speaking, has left me feeling very grateful and aware of my little space in this universe and what is real and really important.       
   Sue Kneen, Television Producer  


Hi Helen

Many thanks. I forgot to tell you that I saw amazing colours, the likes of which I have never seen before. Thanks again for an amazing experience



Hi Helen,

 There are simply no effective words in the English language that can accurately describe my gratitude to you and the reconnective energy healing. In a couple of weeks my life has swung from one miserable side of the pendulum to the opposite side of abundance (in every area of my life) Although my intention was to heal purely financial issues what has happened has been nothing short of miraculous! Within the next two months I will be able to pay off all my debt and still have money spare. I have landed contracts that I had not even imagined existed, and I absolutely love what I’m doing. My love life has also suddenly sprouted wings… wow, what a journey!  With eternal love and gratitude! Kay Irissou


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