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Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for helping us with Squiggles. She is so much better, since your 2nd healing I have only heard her couch twice and it was not so bad. I commented to Tony this weekend that she looked even prettier if that was possible. She also has a lot more energy and now will drink water from the pool which she never ever did before.

Warm regards


Hi Helen
Thank you for your mail.  I have waitied till now to reply to obviously give it some time with Boo and to see if there was an improvement. 
I am very happy to say that things are so much better between her and I.  She is spending so much more time with me, has even slept with me a couple of times and is very loving and present.
I do think it will take some time for her to revert back to her old self completely if at all but for now there is a huge difference in our relationship.  I can't thank you enough.
Thank you once again so much, its is so incredible to have my Baby back in my life.
Kindest regards

Dear Helen
The change in Ambir is dramatic!  I noticed it on Tuesday already when she demolished four new cat toys.  On Wednesday morning and last night two friends immediately commented on Ambir looking so good, and they had no idea of what you have been doing.
She is no longer whimpering at night when she tries to settle down on her bed and for the past two mornings she got up with me at 5am to go outside for a pee/poop - the past couple of weeks she would only venture outside after her breakfast.  She has always had an incredible appetite, even now.  Yesterday she was rolling on her back, like she did when she was younger ... just like a puppy :-)
From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!! for bringing back my old Ambir!

Dear Helen
I hope you well. The behaviour of the monkeys on these days is getting better.
Warm regards

Hi Helen

Amazing difference in Stevie. Much more laid back and not hiding so much. Many thanks

Love Robin

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