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Here is a list of books that I can highly recommend:

Title:     A New Earth
Author:  Eckhart Tolle
ISBN:     978-0-14-101782-2
(A must for everyone. Tolle shows how each of us can make a difference..)

Title:     A Return to Love
Author:  Marianne Williamson
ISBN:     0-7225-3299-7
(This book shows us how we can return to that inner peace that is our birthright).

Title:     The Five Love Languages
Author:  Gary Chapman
ISBN:     1-881273-15-6
(A lovely book to understand how unique and different we are and how we communicate on different levels to each other)

Title:     The Intention Experiment
Author:  Lynne McTaggart
ISBN:     970-0-00-719458-2
(Lynne is a journalist who has joined forces with an international team of reknowned scientists to test the effects of focused group intention).

Title:      The Reconnection
Author:   Dr. Eric Pearl
ISBN:      978-1-4019-0210-0
(Read why prominent doctors and researchers are interested in the extraordinary healings that have been reported by Eric's patients as well as understanding how we can be reconnected to the Earth and Universe once again.)

Title:    The Little Soul and the Sun
Author:  Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN:    1-5714-087-2
(This is a children's parable teaching spirituality that is appropriate for ALL ages. I often read this to clients in my rooms)

Title:     Eat, Pray, Love
Author:  Elizabeth Gilbert
ISBN:    978-0-7475-8566-4 
(An absorbing autobiography of a woman who goes from existing on the outside to learning to live from within. It is captivating and you feel as though you are with her on each step of the way, from being sick and lost on the bathroom floor to feasting on pasta in Italy, to the austere confines of an ashram in India and finally studying under a strange and funny Indonesian medicine man.)

Title:     The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author:   Robin S. Sharma
ISBN:     0-00-717973-1
(A brilliant story of a lawyer whose almost fatal heart attack brings on a spiritual crisis that forces him to seek answers to life's most important questions).

Title:    The True Power of Water
Author:  Masaru Emoto
ISBN:    1-416-52217-4
(This books clearly shows us that we can heal the water on our planet as well as the water that makes up about 70% of our physical bodies).

Books for Animal Lovers

Title:    The Loved Dog
Author: Tamar Geller
ISBN:   978-0-09-192225-2
(This book is a must for all dog owners and animal lovers - and for those who have no idea how to deal with dogs. Tamar gives the easiest and gentlest methods of training, forcing one to reconsider conventional training methods. This is a book I would give as a gift to anyone planning on buying a puppy).

Title:     Marley & Me
Author:  John Grogan
ISBN:    978-0-340-93684-9
(I laughed and cried and laughed and sobbed while reading this book. A true story of a Labrador retriever.)

Title:     Animal Speak
Author:  Ted Andrews
ISBN:     0-87542-028-1
(This book takes us into the realm of working with the spiritual powers of animals, finding our animal totems and looking at nature with different eyes).

Title:     The Angel by My Side
Author:  Mike Lingenfelter and David Frei
ISBN:     1-4019-0058-5
(A client told me about this book. What a story! I read this on the plane to Mauritius and couldn't wait for them to serve lunch so that I could have a serviette to wipe away the tears. What a beautiful read as well as becoming exposed to the world of service dogs. An absolute must read! Highly recommended!)

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