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I am writing this article because I feel that there is a need to help straighten out a few misconceptions about manifestation and creating your own reality. With the advent of movies such as "The Secret", many clients come into my rooms and tell me that they are doing everything that they can, yet things are still not going their way. I personally help clients in manifestation, but I am careful to remind them that what they ask for will not necessarily appear in the form that they have imagined. And if they do not get what they want, this means that there is more at play.

I went to a workshop held by one of the members of "The Secret" in Gauteng. I was aghast when he told an audience of about 250 people (South Africans), that each and every one of them was responsible for their reality and that whatever was in their lives, they created. Although, on a certain level, he was right, there is far more at play than meets the eye. During a break, I approached him and told him my concerns. I told him that I deal with people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome on an almost daily basis and telling people this, would it not add more guilt to their burden? "I've been highjacked, I must have created this." He flatly told me that this was the case. I felt my body close down and I "switched off".  Because, you see, he may be telling the truth, but not the whole truth......

What we are dealing with here is more than just a person's consciousness, we are dealing with group consciousness or the collective consciousness. This group consciousness is made of very many layers. Let's use myself as an example. My father was a Cypriot and my mother is Irish. Purely by being born to these two people, I am part of the Cypriot and the Irish Collective and all the cultural beliefs that come with this. Not only that, I am part of the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Collective. Also, I am part of the Generational Collective both on my Father's and my Mother's side. Besides all that, I was born in South Africa with all that collective consciousness..... And I'm not even a day old yet...See where I'm getting at?

So, are our attempts futile in trying to create a different reality for ourselves? No, not at all. What this does mean however, is to understand the dynamics and to stop blaming ourselves if we don't get it "right". 

As humans, we operate on a system of beliefs and it is through these filters that we experience life. If a teacher humiliated me as a little girl and said I was stupid, I would probably be a vastly different adult to what I am today. Because, as a child I would have probably believed this adult and then all my experiences would indicate that the adult was correct. Because the belief would have set in and that part of the experience would be open for me and somewhere in my mind my self-talk would be: "you see, she was right. I can't do anything right. Therefore I MUST be stupid." I would be taking all the different experiences in my life and filtering it through my stupidity belief. My perception would be warped.

So the first thing to do, is to examine your beliefs. If they do not serve you, change them. Start changing the way you think. Where you put your focus, that part of reality is available to you. Another example about putting your focus in the "wrong" place, is that many overweight people cannot lose weight no matter what. Even if they do manage to lose weight, as soon as they relax their attempts, the weight piles on again. I ask my overweight clients: "Where is your focus?"

The answer to that one is invariably the same. Although my client tells me it is on losing weight to be healthy, I know this is not the truth. I ask them what their self-talk is when they look in the mirror and this is closer to the truth. "I hate my body, I am so fat." That is where the real focus is and that is why the result is one of fat. Look in the mirror and say something along the lines of: "Wow, I have an incredible body. It has served me well through every trial and I now choose to be gentle to it. Body, I choose for us to be healthy. It is the least I can do for you."  You can immediately feel the change in energy. It is no longer one of desperation, rather it is one of excitement and action.

Become aware of the words you use and the thoughts you think. A thought thought more than once can become a belief. Our consciousness does not deal with negative words. There is no such word as NO in our consciousness. That is why I always teach people to change their sentences and phrases. Feel the energy in these two statements: "Say No to Crime!" and "Say Yes to Peace!" Which one of those statements brings up a fear-based response and which one makes you feel hopeful and positive? I truly believe that when we as South Africans change the way we speak about violence and crime, then real change will take place. When Mother Theresa was invited to participate in an anti-war rally, she declined. She said: "Invite me to a peace rally and I will come."

To sum up: The more you put your focus on something, the more of that something you will get. But remember too, that where you think your focus is, may not be, because of a learned experience in you subconscious telling you the opposite. This is truly a gift, for it brings that out into the open for you to deal with and grow. Become aware of your self-talk, this is the key to where your real focus lies.

And quite frankly, welcome the so-called obstacles you perceive in your life. These are hidden gems enabling you to become stronger and wiser. Without these "obstacles" you would not grow and you would stagnate. It all depends on how you look at your life. This is purely your choice or as they say in the classics: "Practising your Free Will."

With love


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