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Here are some websites you can visit if you want to help in your own unique way, or if you want to feel  positive about our Country.

Please note that the list is short, but will grow as all like-minded South Africans get together and Unite.

This link directs you to a site that enables you to read all the positive and good news being generated out of South Africa. Remember, if it is not sensantional, it won't sell. That is why the media is constantly quick to pick up on the violence, crime and corruption and slow to highlight the opposite side of the coin. "Feel good stuff" doesn't sell newspapers.

There is also a link on this website called: "Movement for Good", or
The Movement for Good is a network of organisations that have come together to inspire and mobilise South Africans to become active citizens for good. Their vision is to build a country that lives its constitutional values, is safe, and has opportunity for all - so that we and our children have hope in our future.

The Movement aims to integrate organisations that are currently mobilising South Africans so that there is coherency and synergy across the various campaigns. All across our great nation, good people have been independently organising, tirelessly striving and selflessly building communities that care.

You can play a part in this, no matter how insignificant you think you or your actions may be. Every little bit makes a difference, and if we can mobilise the collective, as we believe we can, we can ALL contribute…for good.

It’s time to mobilise our nation, to bring us all together into an unstoppable force. It starts with us. It starts with you.

This site is run by Cathie van Rooyen, and it is a lovely site to visit if you are looking for personal help with your own peace of mind. Cathie is a gifted writer and I always recommend people to subscribe to her tapping tips. Here is an article she wrote about South Africa that I read at the workshop:

"Dear Helen
A rather political slant this week, but bear with me!
I have been surrounded with people leaving the country, and a lot of them are 'regte, egte boere!' This is got me thinking as to the 'whys' and it took me on a rather interesting journey. So much so, that even in the local Pick n Pay, while bending over the freezers, I overhead some middle aged ladies talking about their families who have left for 'down under'. Now that is not the cause of my surprise, what they were saying made me chuckle though. 'Ja, they have found a large SA community there, and have made lots of good friends there...' Most SA folk don't even know their neighbours here, so it takes moving away to find SA friends!

It got me thinking back to when we moved here from the UK in the 70's. We were surrounded by Brits, and all met at the local pool, bars, and social club every weekend and the grown-ups talked of 'home' while we gleefully played in the sun!
English became friends with Scots, Catholics befriended Protestants, something that was unheard of at the time back 'home', and it was a rather happy life for most.
At the time, in the UK, heavy steelwork factories were closing down, and shipyards in Glasgow were almost evacuated, so the skilled folk made their way to this side of the planet, where the steel industry was in the middle of a boom. Many folk longed for their families, and the dampness of the soggy island, well , maybe not, but there were a few who battled with the heat! This was the days when home phones were luxuries, and telegrams were the quickest way of sending and receiving news. Hey, I sound ancient!!!

Okay back to 2008!
In 1994 a new SA was 'born' and much like a baby, it had it's teething problems, but for the most part, there was the 'oohs and the aahs' that  go with a new baby. Stockpiles of tuna and corned beef, candles and bottled water were buried under the mountains of other debris, just in case it was needed. Supermarkets had never cleared that kind of stock so fast, and candle makers experienced a little 'gold rush' of their own. International journalists made their way over to Bosnia a day after our landmark elections, because SA had become too boring. Everyone in the country held a collective breath and waited. Nothing! Phew, off we go and lead our lives.
Through the different stages of the land, and now 14 years later we are at the teenage stage! Ha! Now doesn't that explain a lot? Hands up all those that can handle a teenager? And yet again, hands up all those that want their teenager to move out now! That is what a lot of these emigrating folk are doing, they are moving out of the moodiness, the violence, the unpredictable feeling of what is going to happen next.

Fear spreads like the late season veldfires, and to my surprise more people are leaving now, than when they were faced with a civil war! Now we are stuck in the middle of it all. Do we collect our stuff and run from the fire, or do we find a bucket and douse the flames. After all, it's only hormones?
So where does the tappng fit in, with all of this?

Yes, we can fill our own bucket and collectively do something. But firstly, we sort our own self out. How? Well simply by tapping. The beauty of it all is, that the awareness has changed and there are people that are staying with this teenage land, full of pimples and demands, and collectively the time is right to help ourselves and each other and then of course this adolescent in our land".

This website is amazing! Oprah has teamed up with Craig Kielburger and their organization is getting the youth involved in global change. These young ambassadors actually visit the Countries that they choose to help and get completely involved. This changes them forever. Although we cannot join the organization, there is plenty of ideas for teachers and students to make a change whereever you are.

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