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The whole premise behind the "Shift in Group Consciousness," is based on the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome (Lyall Watson). This experiment was held over a period of about six years, where researchers on a Japanese island, fed sweet potatoes to the monkeys. The monkeys loved the sweet potatoes, but struggled to remove the sand from the vegetable. Until one day, a young monkey realised that she could get the sand off the potatoes by rinsing them in the stream. Other young monkeys followed suit, until eventually when the hundredth monkey rinsed his potatoes in the stream, the monkeys on an island about 120km away, spontaneously started rinsing their potatoes as well. This is known as reaching 'critical mass point'.

Researchers have discovered that this critical mass point is only 1% of the square root of the population, be that of a community, a city, a country or the world. Many tests have already been carried out, where people were placed in strategic areas in war zones, focused on peace and in that time, violence abated, there were less accidents and interestingly enough, creativity increased. For me, this is the key. Once we can face the fear of what we believe to be happening in our country, then focus on peace anyway, the practical ideas of how we address the different issues of poverty, disease, lack of education amongst others, will become available to us. When we learn to focus on abundance instead of lack of, change will take place.

This is not impossible, nor is it beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen. In fact, it will be the ordinary citizen that will bring about change. We can no longer be complacent and wait for our government to "do the right thing". They are only human and we expect superhuman performance from them. South Africans are notorious for being complacent. Well, the buck stops here! Time to change that mind set! Time to invest in our stunning country by investing in the power within us to bring about change. Let's face it, we have tried all the other avenues and have come up seriously lacking. 

Scientists and geneticists have determined that mankind's beginnings were in Africa. Africa has always been known to be the bread basket of the world. It only stands to reason that change then, will start in Africa and resonate out to the rest of the world. We, on the most southern point of this majestic continent should allow our light to blaze, helping to ignite and light the rest of Africa and thus sending this healing light into the rest of our world.

As darkness does not really exist - darkness is a lack of light, so too does evil not exist - evil is a lack of love.

With love


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