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On the surface, things seem fearful and hopeless. Economies worldwide, are taking major strain, and we in South Africa are dealing with the added bonus of political unrest. The ‘all-mighty’ ANC seems to be heading for a complete meltdown and we have been witness to rhetoric by the leader of the ANC Youth League that makes us want to leave these shores in droves. Is all lost? Will our fate be similar to that of our neighbour, Zimbabwe?

A few days ago, while in a restaurant waiting for my children to finish swimming training, I read their newspapers in a bid not to become too bored. I happened upon a letter written by a woman in Fontainbleu and her letter made me silently cheer. For you see, all our combined efforts on Peace, Group Consciousness and Healing our Country are really paying off. She was giving thanks on being in South Africa and explained why she was grateful to be here. Firstly, she was grateful that our banking system was so strong and secure, unlike the institutions elsewhere in the world, where banks were closing down and people were losing money. Next she was grateful for being in a country, where the President was made to step down, and he has resorted to deal with this issue via the courts and not start a civil war by employing the army, as would be the case amongst some of our neighbours. What this woman was doing, was focussing on the positive aspects and not on the negative aspects of what is happening right now.

For those of you who attended the Shift in Group Consciousness Workshop on 20 September 2008, this is exactly what I teach. You have a choice. The way forward is to recognise that you have a choice. You can choose to see the gifts in situations or you can choose to bemoan the situation you find yourself in. The one choice is empowering, while the other leaves you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

I am excited about the situation in our Country at present. This is a total “wake-up, shake-up.” I was listening to Mosiuoa Lekota’s public address and what really piqued my interest was when he said that some party members had forsaken the Freedom Charter. He and many others gave their lives and lived in exile or were imprisoned for the very values that formed the Charter. When a journalist asked him whether he could name some of the senior members that openly supported his stance, he said something that really said it all. He said that it was not about the big names, rather about the people and that is where the support lies. He also said that the Party should not be about individuals; rather it should be about the group. Isn’t that interesting? Rather similar to evolution and what researchers are realising now, that it is not survival of the fittest individual, rather it is survival of the fittest group that ranges across the species barrier. It is not whether we are black, white, or any other colour that one can think up. It is about the group that believes in the same stuff.

Since then, more and more ministers are leaving the ANC. Interestingly enough; it feels to me like the implosion of a star, where the star collapses within itself, leaving a black hole. This has happened time and time again within the history of mankind.  Dynasties collapse, leaving the portal open for a different kind of ruling, only for that ruling to eventually implode upon itself, creating another opening and on and on it goes.

Internationally, South Africa is taking somewhat of a beating financially as we watch the Rand flounder against other currencies. Although on the surface, this energy feels as hopeless and helpless, underneath it all, it teaches us that we are all connected and if a stock broker in the United States jumps off a building, we feel the repercussions of that energy here. Because we as human beings are hotwired to realise that on a level, we are all ONE and our very basic energy is one of love and joy.How can one group enjoy life when there is a knowing that part of the WHOLE is suffering and dying? Therein comes the belief of unworthiness. ‘I am not worthy to enjoy the fruits of my labour because my neighbour is dying from hunger, disease and poverty.’

I caught the end of a statement made by some minister on the global economic downhill trend and the impact this will have on Africa. He said that Africa will need to help itself.  This is exactly what we as that Group Consciousness group envisaged when we connected to Africa’s energy and the image of begging came up. We worked on this image, releasing the fear around it and then recreated another image of Africa growing strong, tall and rather than taking aid from others, giving aid instead. 

Now is the time that we continue with this work and similar work that is available to us.  We as a group can enter this portal and raise the Consciousness to a level that will equate to peace and stability. Here are a few pointers on how to move forward..... 

1.       When you wake up in the morning, give thanks for all that you have and give thanks for the wonderful day ahead.

2.       Set your intention for the Country by thanking your God, Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, Source, and The Universe (whoever you pray to), that peace, respect and dignity already reign supreme. Say it like you mean it. Say it like it has happened already.

3.       When confronted with a negative situation, pause and instead of reacting, try and respond. Learn to ask the right questions, e.g what am I learning from this situation that is going to make me grow? It is the obstacles in our lives that allow us to grow and without them we would never really understand peace and stability. Everything would be taken for granted.

4.      Respect begins with you. Start practicing a little respect. The best teacher of respect is traffic. Be respectful in traffic. Allow others through and thank those that let you through. Change your attitude to taxi drivers. Their job is to get people from one point to another and they will do anything and everything to do this. Remember, where you put your focus that is what you will see. I had huge issues with taxibus drivers. When I changed my attitude, they changed too. Nowadays, it is invariably a taxibus driver that will let me through.  In fact, I welcome traffic at times, because it allows me to reflect and do a little “inner” work on myself. Show respect to the land that sustains us. If you see litter, pick it up, even though it wasn’t you who put it there. Understand and investigate your carbon footprint that you will be leaving on this planet. (This is a whole other topic that I will discuss in detail later on, but again, see the connection between everything).

5.     South Africans are notorious for dinner conversations revolving around violence and instability. When you find yourself in this situation, discuss the possibilities of how this attention brings about more of the same stuff. Encourage others to rather focus on what is really good about the country instead.  This does not mean that you become ostriches with your head in the sand. Rather, it is looking at a situation and finding the silver lining. When you find the silver lining, focus on that rather than on the negative connotations the situation brings up.

6.     Surround yourself with positive role models and news. Once you have read and seen all the negative information about the Country, log onto positive sites like http://www.sagoodnews.co.za/ and get your daily dose of positivity. This will help to balance out the fear and instability that we feel from time to time. In fact, I am so passionate about spreading good news that I think we should petition DSTV and SABC for a daily positive news slot.

7.          Become involved. There are so many projects around that you as an individual can get involved in to help create a change. These projects are tailor-made to let you do what you feel you can do to contribute. I have a Links page under my Group Consciousness Menu tab that you can explore and see how you can help. I am constantly updating and adding to this page.

Is there really a change or a shift in Group Consciousness? You betcha! Are you taking up the challenge of assisting in this change? I hope so. Until next time, keep your head up, smile and give thanks..................

With love


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