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I often ask my clients what abundance means to them. The answers vary and many of these answers are quite vague. "Um, it means plenty of", or "lots of money", or "lots of spiritual stuff".

For me abundance is inclusive of 5 aspects: Health, wealth, family, relationships and happiness. Without one of these aspects, there will always be something missing. Whether we like it or not, in the current reality that we have chosen to play in, money plays an enormous role in abundance.

So with this in mind, we need to look at our beliefs connected with money. Does a voice in your head deliver this sort of commentary when you are dealing with money? "Money is the root of all evil", "Filthy Rich", Money doesn't grow on trees", and my favourite: "You can't be spiritual and be rich." Remember that these sayings are just someone else's opinion. If you feel that these sayings are true, then read no further. But if you feel that these sayings are holding you back, then read on.....

It is good to address these issues on different levels, i.e. emotional and physical. For the emotional aspect, there are plenty of ways of addressing your beliefs. One of my favourites is to tap (EFT or MTT). But today, I am going to focus on the physical.

Firstly, you need to have a respect for your wealth. Therefore, you store your money in your wallet and purse neatly and usually with larger denominations moving through to the smaller. Notes scruched up or stuffed into pockets and bags just indicates total disrespectfulness.

 Another aspect is to keep all receipts and other paraphenalia away in a seperate compartment from your money. Receipts indicate abundance spent and when you put 'spent' money with the money in your wallet, you are unwittingly putting 'lack' into the equation.

Secondly, take a note of HOW you count your money. Do you count your money AWAY from yourself? If so, this immediately tells me that you have worthiness issues surrounding money. "Keep it away from me, I am not worthy of my abundance." I always ask my clients whether they know of any bank or casino that seems broke. When the tellers count money manually (still the better option, I think machines doing this deed are indeed diluting the action), they count the money TOWARDS themselves. So even if you know that you have severe issues surrounding money, start counting your money towards yourself. Just this action starts to feed into the other levels of your being, helping to change ideas and beliefs surrounding money.

Thirdly, always hand money out with love and a generous spirit. The more you do this, the more you will see the flow of money and it will most certainly flow back to you. Static money is sick money. Anything static becomes sick.

And lastly, do not become miserable when you receive accounts and you have to pay your debts. Rather, think more along the lines of: "Wow! I am so trusted that the goods have been given to me and the belief is that I am good to pay. What a compliment!" This does not mean however, that you should build up a huge overdraft. Be discerning and spend wisely!

Until next time, be generous of spirit and live each day as if it were your last. With that in mind, what legacy would you like to leave behind?

With love

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