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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing encompasses healing on every level: body, mind and spirit. Prior to a client’s actual visit to the Healer, the Healer “connects” to the client and “downloads” information about the client. This information invariably enables the Healer to uncover the core issues that may be keeping the client stuck. During the actual session, the Healer will be working on the client’s energy meridians, tapping on certain acupuncture points, very much like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), releasing blockages, which then allows the client’s energy to flow, thereby bringing the body into balance, which in turn brings about a healing overall. In the actual session with the client, the Healer is in a space, (I call it Soul), that enables the Healer to keep on receiving information from the client’s energy field and keeps the Healer in an objective place, where there is no judgement.

My favourite way of describing this healing is that Intuitive Energy Healing brings the body along to the party. There are a few things to know about the body, the mind and the soul in order to understand how and why Intuitive Energy Healing works.

The body is no different to any other mammal on this planet. The body is also the storehouse of every moment of our lives, from conception to the present moment. The body’s biggest “fear” is death. It has a knowing that this is the only lifetime it has, unlike the soul which is eternal. The body cannot differentiate between emotional and physical pain. Pain is pain to the body and pain equates to death. Therefore, it is no surprise that we put our own barriers in place when we get hurt and cannot understand why we cannot move forward in life. Many times, my clients tell me that they have worked through issues that I may have read in their energy field. “Oh’ I went to therapy for years about that. I’m over it!” is what I often hear. I then reason with them that if that were the case, then it would do no harm just to check. And most of the time, the body has a reaction to the very issue that the client thought that he had dealt with.

The mind can be divided into two: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is where we make decisions, the subconscious mind is where every moment of our life is stored, every trauma, every fear, every belief as well as learned behaviours. The subconscious mind will override the conscious mind every time the body believes itself to be in danger. That is why no willpower in the world will work when someone is trying to lose weight and the core issues have not been addressed and allowed to work through the body.

Often, when working with clients, they may be transported back into a past life if the energy that is connected with their blockages originates there. Because I work with energy and not the story involved, I often find myself dealing with past life issues or issues that are inherited via the family tree.

Soul is that energy that connects us to the Divine, (God, All that Is, the Universe...). Soul is the Divine. With Intuitive Energy Healing, we assist the body to integrate more Soul, thus assisting the client to recognize and grow their inner power and intuition. “Intuition is the most important thing” – Albert Einstein.

Who can benefit from Intuitive Energy Healing?

Everybody can benefit from this healing. I work with people who have physical diseases, as well as people who are emotionally in turmoil.
Please read the testimonial section in order to gain a good idea of the range and depth of the work.

Can I become an Intuitive Energy Healer?

If you are passionate about helping others, then you can become an Intuitive Energy Healer. I will train you in all spheres of the work. Even if you have never done any intuition work, I will teach you how to access your intuition and how to use it in this work. Intuition is not a gift given to a few. It is in all of us and I will train you on how to access and use it.

I keep my classes small as the work is very intense and I ensure that you get the most out of each module. There is much practical work as I believe that the only way you will learn is to “roll up your sleeves” and get moving almost immediately. By the time you have completed your course, you are comfortable enough to start straight away.

The wonderful by-product of this training is that you will undergo a major shift within yourself. I have had quite a few students who decided to do this course, not to become Healers in the Professional sense, but just to help themselves and their immediate families.

When is the next Intuitive Energy Healing training course?

The courses for this year are over. The new courses will begin early next year in 2010. I will post the new dates and information when it is ready and you will then be able to find that info under the Courses Tab.

Helen, you are not in my area. Do you have a list of Intuitive Energy Healers I can contact?

Yes, please check the Practitioners' Corner. These are people that I have trained and am happy to refer clients to. The list is not large at the moment, as I ensure that the practitioners undergo a stringent process before becoming listed. This way, you can rest assured that you are in good, capable hands.

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